Jump on that Cloud

I shared this poem with you 2 years ago on this blog on Christmas Day…..I feel it wants to sing out to you today again….”Jump on that Cloud”, Love Clarabelle


Merry Christmas Everyone

When we really stop and take a meaningful look at the beauty around us, only then do we see it and feel it.  We have the power within us to magnify joy in each moment.  Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and I hope you choose to pause for a moment and open your eyes and heart to see it on this special celebratory day.  This next poem is inspired by just that.  Merry Christmas Everyone, Lots of Love Clarabelle.

jump on that cloud

Jump on that Cloud

The stars have no beauty, without your eyes,

Are the lights still shining? – Truth or lies.

Without your presence, nothing is real,

Nothing is enjoyed, no emotions you feel.

Paint a picture, of a world without time,

No space on earth, just simply sublime.

Let your imagination, stretch that far,

Outside of your reality, no sound from…

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