Lost in the Magic

Doe Deer Trail

Today, I went on a “Doe Deer” trail walk today in the Highlands of Scotland, and I was so wanting to see a Doe Deer. I was planning on doing a 1.5 hour walk, but it led into a 3.5 hour walk, after I got “lost in the woods”.


It was precisely 2 hours and 2 minutes when the most stunning, magical thing happened, a Doe Deer came springing across my path, it was a breathtaking moment. I just completely stopped dead in my tracks and watched her prance her way into the depths of the woods. The thing is, if I had never taken a wrong turning, if I had never got lost, I wouldn’t have experienced that amazing moment.

Where the Magic is Found

It got me thinking this evening, that maybe in the mystery of getting lost or taking a wrong turning, this is where the magic is found.

What a beautiful thought and an even better feeling.

So if you’re worried about getting lost or taking the wrong turning in life, maybe this is where your magic will be found.

Wishing you a magical day, love Clarabelle


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