When will it happen?
What about now?
Where am I going?
Which way or how?

Questions or answers,
Cloud a busy mind.
Cluttered with hunger,
Be happy, be kind.

Take a long pause,
Stop and take stock.
Look around you,
Don’t watch the clock.

To miss this life,
And all its magic.
Breaks my heart,
This feels tragic.

Gaze at the sun,
And stars in the dark.
Beauty in this moment,
Will ignite your spark.

Clear some space,
Feel silence in the air.
Soon you’ll see,
You’re meant to be there.

By Clarabelle

7 thoughts on “When?

  1. vdry nice poetry claire from kevin in portsmouth do you remember in 2012 you inspired me to write lyrics and sing well ive carried it on and myheartsingspoetry.com i ve written loads of lyrics recently all this i have to thankyou for .just shame i cant make the music .to go with it its lovely to see your still writing lovely poetry.


      1. thankyou appreciated on my facebook page kevin newman ive written a couple of paragrahps on how my interest in singing came about from those words you first said to me you have ability to write lyrics i have never forgotten what you did for me your welcome to join my facebook page ive shared your album page on there to let people see your songs hope fully your get more interest after what ive written about your singing and poetry. my problem whichis holding me back now is i cant compose music otherwise i would get my songs out bought scarlette music studio trying to learn it but dont have music background great fun.take care claire keep up the great work and sorry to hear about you losing your dad.

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