Snow Glow

I have a right “snow glow” at the moment. What’s a snow glow I hear you asking? Well, I just made the phrase up this morning as I was happily trudging through the winter snow here in the Highlands of Scotland. So my interpretation of a snow glow is having the feeling of that clean, crisp winter freshness living and breathing inside of you. It kinda feels like you’re a snowflake dancing in the wind and when I think of that thought it inspires the poem below:

Snow Glow Face

The freshest feeling,
On my snow glow face.
A wintry perspective,
A higher place.
The Highlands of Scotland,
Clear out the old,
A new way of living,
It’s precious gold.
I treasure this experience,
More everyday,
I’m living a dream,
In a magical way.

By a “snow glowed” Clarabelle


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