What if You Kept Going?

New you new now

Conversations with Victor and Walter….

Victor:  “What if she kept going?”

Walter: “Impossible”

Victor:  “I think she will keep going?”

Walter: “No way, what makes you say that?”

Victor:  “I see the determination in her eyes, I feel her motivated spirit encouraging me to move forward in life.”

Walter:  “Where?”  “I don’t see it?”

Victor:  “You see what you feel Walter, if you don’t feel it, you won’t see it”.

Walter:  “How do I feel it then?”

Victor:  “Believe it first, then you will feel it, then you see it…then you will live it for yourself.”

Walter:  “No Victor, seeing is believing, not the other way around”.

Victor:  “Well if that’s what you believe, then that’s what you will experience, try to change that thinking and see what happens.”

Walter:  “Okay Victor, I’ll give it ago”.

One week later….

Walter:  “Good morning Victor, how are you this beautiful fine day?”

Victor:  “Good morning Walter, my oh my, you sound very happy indeed.”

Walter: “Yes, Victor, I listened to your voice of wisdom and well, I changed my thinking……..I believe, I just believe.”

Victor:  “Yes Walter, I believed it in you before I seen it ….and I believe you felt my belief in you.”

Walter: “Thank you for believing in me Victor, when others believe in you, you believe in yourself.”

Victor:  “Beautifully said Walter, just beautiful, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom with me.”

Walter:  “I believe we are both wise Victor.”

Victor:  “Yes, I believe we all are Walter.”

Walter:  “Yes we all are.”


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