She Writes with Spirit

happy writer of poetry

On my day off on Saturday, I put my car into the garage for its MOT test and whilst I was waiting on the results of the test I headed into the local coffee shop for a nice warm breakfast and a lovely cup of coffee.  It was snowing outside and I was all cosy sitting next to the glowing woodburner whilst drying off.  I wrote 8 poems during that time, the words just flowed out of me, it felt beautiful, it felt right.  Here is one of them for you:

She Writes with Spirit

She writes with spirit,
And passionate charm.
When her mind is free,
It releases all harm.
There is no pain,
In a purposeful thought.
An alignment of values,
Gives such a lot.
Her point is wise,
Her words inspire.
To capture all hearts,
This is her desire.
So she keeps on musing,
Whenever she can,
Like the oxygen she breathes,
Over the distance she ran.
She creates from space,
To feed her soul.
And continues this journey,
It makes her feel whole.

By Clarabelle

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