Stuff the Stuff

stuff the stuff declutter

Old Stuff

I have been travelling a lot lately for work purposes and I have managed to do a lot of de-cluttering in the process, basically because I have had to.  I managed to get rid of 20 large bags of “stuff”, mainly lots of clothes, shoes, handbags, paperwork etc… that I was holding onto, but didn’t actually need or use.  I honestly can say that it felt so good to get rid of it all, I felt free from junk and “old stuff”, it was such an amazing “freedom feeling”.  I was actually annoyed at myself for not realising I had been buying so much “stuff”. “Stuff” that I didn’t really need and it really did make me think about my buying behaviours.

Stuff the Stuff

So my motto today, going forward in life is, “Stuff the Stuff”, when you actually look at it and really think about it, you don’t need all that “stuff”, I bet you don’t.

So today, I want you to have a “Stuff the Stuff” mindset and start de-cluttering, get rid of the junk, get rid of the “stuff” and I know you will feel so much better for it.

Go on, make your day today a “Stuff the Stuff” day.


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