The Blessings of Grace


The Blessings of Grace – From Nothing to Everything

Grace Towards Us

The blessings of grace are all around us and even, at times, when we are absent from grace, in pops a beautiful reminder from a family member or close friend, offering us a very warm and touching act of grace towards us.

Silent Time

I am thinking of a time right now, when I allowed my own truth to be the only truth and “flew of the handle” at a situation I perceived wrongly.   Actually, wrongly is an understatement, I was completely at the wrong end of the stick.  I am sure I did not deserve the most beautiful act of grace that was gifted to me at that time and I don’t mean in a pretty wrapped up package.  I was given something quite different from that, I was given “silent time”, silent time to heal, to think and to seek first to understand before being understood.  I was given the grace of, well at first I thought nothing, but on much deeper reflection, I now realise that I was given the grace of everything.

A Place of Love

The grace came from a friend, who was going through a very tough time of his own and yet chose to respond to my rather bad reaction, by creating enough space between my initial anger until I reached a place of love.  It’s easy for me to think of that situation now and cringe at the way I behaved, but you know what, I learned a great lesson from it….a lesson that is now blueprinted in my heart of hearts.

A Beautiful Blessing

I would say that I am now a better person from experiencing that situation.   I was given, not only a vital life lesson but also a beautiful blessing through the gift of grace.

Admirable Qualities

My friend, my lovely friend in the aforementioned circumstances has shown me such admirable qualities and in doing so, have proven to be such a positive impact on my life.  This situation has brought us so much closer together, it helped me to become more self aware and discover a part of me that I wasn’t aware even existed.

Soulful Grace

In the silence of all silences, there is an answer, there is a truth, there is an untouched soulful grace, filled with pure love and inspiring potential.  I believe that each of us have this, we all have that inner ability to take our lives to the next level.  At any moment we can tap into this inner source and when you do, it will guide you on a path towards true love, abundance and forever happiness.  You see it’s there, it is always there, it is your hidden blessing, your gift of grace that when shared with this world will multiply in such a positively powerful and impactful way.  Grace has that special quality, it holds a harmonious vibration that can bring inner peace and tranquillity to another.  Grace is one of the purest blessings that we can share with another because it holds such an honest quality that is second to none.  This honesty brings with it, freedom of thought within another but in such a purposeful and meaningful way.

 A Question of Grace

When you think of “grace”, what does that mean to you?  What does “grace” look like for you?  What does “grace” feel like for you?  Grace for me, looks like the tranquil open lake where beautiful white swans dance upon its gentle ripples.  It’s the only place where your own reflection paints the picture of the real you.  The real you which is not perfect but has perfection in its own imperfections.  Grace feels like the completeness of one’s soul, sounds like the voice of angel and feels like a heart filled with love and compassion.  Grace fills the ballerina with pure poise, lives in the gentleman’s spirit and breathes clarity into a summer breeze.  Grace is the free flowing element that connects each one of us, like a family of the brightest stars.

I believe that the person who lives a life with grace is forever blessed with honour, respect, elegant presence and divine abundance.  The beautiful thing is, that the gift of grace is a precious treasure that everyone can choose exude.

What does “grace” mean to you?




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