Start Writing Part II

chapter one

Last week I shared with you the first part of this blog post, it was the beginnings of my own book, which I wanted to share with you.  Today, I share with you Part II and if you missed the first part, here is a link for it, Start Writing Part I

Thinking about writing your own book?  Well, if there ever was a clear sign that you should, then here it is….GO FOR IT!!

Start Writing Part II

Chapter 1, Carpe Diem  Cont….

Face the Fear and Do It Anyway

My mum and I have now been in Santa Ponsa almost 24 hours and during that time we have honoured our first task given to us by Uncle Gerry, which was to deliver a bottle of Scotch Whisky to Tony and Peter, Owners of Axaja Restaurant, we are dining there on Wednesday night – I love meeting new people, so I am looking forward to that with my mum.

We shall move from this hotel to the flat today and I am looking forward to taking the cases up the steep hill…I like a physical challenge, now that I think of it, I really love to challenge myself, even more so everyday now, “face the fear and do it anyway” –that’s my motto of the moment.

Big Beautiful City Lights

Let me give you a very brief summary of my life to date and I really do mean “summary”, for the moment anyway.  I was born on 10 July 1973 and I had the most truly wonderful childhood, honestly I really did, I have the most amazing memories of fun, laughter, self-expression, lots and lots of pals (friends).  What it feels like today when reminiscing and looking back, is like a unique bubble of incredible community spirit and human resourcefulness – I’ve added in some pictures from the past which I feel captures what I’m saying here.

Carfin Village Gala Week, June 1981
Carfin Village Gala Week, June 1981, Clarabelle, bottom row, 3rd from right.

I was such an adventurous child with a vivid imagination, and I often dreamed of travelling to America.  I can quite distinctly remember one summer evening when I was about 9 years old in the local playground and swinging as high as I could go on a swing, so I could see the bright city lights in the distance, it was like I was trying to actually reach them or touch them in some sort of way.

city lights

Back then I didn’t know it was the town of Hamilton, which was less than 10 minutes drive away, but in my childhood mind it was America and I visualised myself travelling there when I was older and having fun in a bustling, exciting environment, sunny all day long and mesmerising after dark.

“Claire, Claire…..time to come in”, Mum shouted.

“Awh Mum, give me 5 minutes, please just 5 minutes more Mum”, I shouted back.

Mum always did actually, YES, I was happy, 5 minutes more to lose myself in my mind and dream of escaping to those big beautiful city lights – that was a wonderful kind of freedom for me.

I am noticing as I am writing here my values are starting to come out….I can now start to identify where they were born, for example, “fun, freedom, challenge and adventurous spirit” are clearly evident from 30 years ago, WOW, and they’re still with me, maybe changed rank over time but they are still there.

Now that I am thinking, even before that I have a clear memory of Brenda Shannon, my best friend when I was 5 years old, her and I talking about going to America…where did that come from?, I can only think that possibly came from watching certain American TV programmes….I will think of what they were and add them in here.


The Final Part III will be shared in a future blog post, next week.

Get writing my friend.


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