To My Someone New

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To My Someone New

Meeting new people in your life can bring you a whole new world of opportunities.  Be open to meeting new people in your life, be forthcoming to making new friends, for they could be a true friend for life. This next poem is inspired by just that…….To My Someone New…

To My Someone New

It’s nice to meet you,
Such a pleasure.
Our paths have crossed,
You are the treasure.
Your smile is dazzling,
Your heart is good.
I feel your vibe,
Your happy mood.
To my someone new,
You give me light.
You erase the darkness,
Bring warmth at night.
I embrace your hugs,
They’re filled with care.
When lightning strikes,
You stand there.
A friend for life,
Adventures together.
Stepping into this world,
Souls light as a feather.

Poem by Clarabelle

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