Master the Marathon

Claire Edinburgh Marathon 2015

Yesterday, I completed the Edinburgh Marathon, this is my marathon number 4 and what a challenge it was.  Sometimes you have good running days and other days, not so much and I guess yesterday was most of the latter, however I am still so glad I took part and next time I’ll get my PB.

There’s always NEXT TIME…. this poem is inspired by just that:

Master the Marathon

A challenge so mammoth,
it plays with the mind,
by running 26.2 miles,
inner courage you’ll find.
Your body will go,
wherever you take it,
to master the marathon,
every barrier – you break it.
A battle, a fight,
only you can win,
every moment of pain,
grows bravery from within.
I encourage you,
to take your first step,
to go for your dreams,
you must do all the prep.

By Clarabelle


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