When All Seems Lost….

when all seems lost

When All Seems Lost….

Sometimes she’s scared,
in the darkest night,
trembling for hope,
seeking the light.
Questions run riot,
in her mind,
What is she doing?
What will she find?
I think I know her,
I’ve felt her before,
wrapped in the secrets,
she don’t dare explore.
But I see she is brave,
fighting her war,
doing her own thing,
What’s it all for?
Her spirit is high,
unusually so,
cos she wins every battle,
tough tests when low.
I see she is grateful,
in the now,
when all seems lost,
she doesn’t ask how.
For her desires are stronger,
than the fear she feels,
she knows she can win,
positive belief heals.
So she shares her story,
cos all can relate,
she frees her happy spirit,
and dances through the gate.

By Clarabelle


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