Language of the Heart

Blog memories. 🙂 Love Clarabelle


I had a meeting today with a very good friend and colleague of mine, a truly wonderful gentleman who is very kind, caring, a giver of his time, with a head full of knowledge and a heart full of wisdom, he is a very special human being…thank you ‘J’.  We got into a discussion about my poetry blog and ‘J’ very kindly said that I speak the ‘language of the heart’ through my creative writings.  I loved that phrase and instantly thought, “I’m going to write a poem about that”, and so here it is, with sincere dedication to ‘JM’, thank you for everything.

language of the heart

Language of the Heart

Let the dust settle, before you start,

A journey of hope, language of the heart.

Strapped in tight, on this roller coaster ride,

To-ing and fro-ing, no place to hide.

Some share their secrets, others choose not,

A silent cry…

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