You Are My Everything

Closer to you….


secret cave

You Are My Everything

Who am I,
to know what I want.
To unleash the veiling,
a mirror of haunt.

What’s the purpose,
to flow like a river.
Clouds drifting by,
You and me forever.

When I feel amazing,
you have been the key.
You are my everything,
letting me be.

Just like a star,
shining at night.
You bring me sunshine,
Happiness and light.

Each day goes by,
I never told a soul.
No words, just silence,
You make me whole.

A locked in secret,
buried in a cave.
Inside a treasure box,
Ghostly, yet brave.

Today I reveal,
the source of that code.
This oxygen feeds my spirit,
in freedom feeling mode.

For true love can’t be hidden,
it seeps from every pore.
It gives off a magic energy,
the senses can’t ignore.

Even every human angel,
waving a wand so strong.
Can’t match the love
where two…

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