The Unknown Road

The self is strong…..


Jerry Nelson Photography Photo by Jerry Nelson

Clarabelle Poetry

I thought I would share some poetry with you today.  I hope you like it  and may you embrace “The Unknown Road”.  Much love to you today, as always, Clarabelle.

The Unknown Road

The unknown road,
with its turns and twists.
Victory till the end,
it’s fighting fists.
Darkness may fall,
but within, is a light.
It leads the way,
like a shining knight.
It takes no prisoners,
it wins no wars.
This path to almighty,
has invisible corridors.
And the only way,
to find your way out.
Is to believe in you.
Have faith, no doubt.
The self is strong,
heart moves your soul.
Feel your way through,
Let love be your goal.

By Clarabelle, 12 February 2014

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