Make This Moment Count

Offer up a listening ear…


I had a catch up today with one of my friends who is going through a rather tough time just now, feeling ‘stuck’ and struggling to make a positive change in their life.  We can all experience that at one time in our lives or another.   I offered up a listening ear, my full support and encouragement, they were very brave to share their feelings with me today and this self-awareness is the first step of their path to change.  The following poem is about that.

Make This Moment Count

Stuck in life, with nowhere to go

More downs than up, just feeling low

It’s tough to change, this situation around

To find inner strength, to lift yourself from the ground

But you can do it, just make the choice

To depart from the old, listen to your voice

The world is open, to your magic within

Take the…

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