Face Without A Smile

I will share my smile…..


sunset lake

Beautiful Smile

Sometimes we have days when we don’t feel like smiling, sometimes that’s just the way we feel and sometimes there is a person out there who just wants to hold our hand, give us love and help that smile to return.  The poem below is just about that.  May you put a beautiful smile on someone’s face today, maybe just maybe they need it.  Lots of love, Clarabelle.

Face Without A Smile

I see your face, without a smile
Saddened eyes, tears for a while
I feel your hurt, I feel your pain
I know your heart, is hurt again
I want to help, I want you to know
I will share my smile, until you glow
I will give my soul, and all its strength
To see you grow, beyond arms length
To see the sparkle, in your eyes
To watch you glisten, with surprise
I will…

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