Helping a Friend

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Helping a Friend

It’s always nice to be able to help a friend every now and again.  I have been helping a really good friend of mine get his Greetings Cards Business off the ground and I’ve been helping him with his blog/website too.

I would like to share with you today his Greetings Cards Website, called “Curious Cards”.  He has worked very hard putting it all together and I feel his poetic talent, natural humour and fun side really shines through in his cards.

Please, if you have a little minute, I would love you to check his website out, here is the link below:

Sometimes in this life,
a simple card won’t do,
it’s not how you would say it
and it doesn’t speak for you.
They come across quite boring,
the same as all the rest,
so try our range of Curious Cards,
it’s time to try the best.

curious cards logo

Thank you so much,

Love Clarabelle



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