“No TV….Weirdo”

I love not having a TV…..



I was coaching a client in July 2011 and she was talking about not having a TV anymore, there were lots of positives coming from this discussion, so much so that when I went home that evening I didn’t want to have a TV anymore either, so I got rid of it, that very day.


I must say, this has been one of the best things I ever did and so many positives have come from me not having a TV.  I started to read more books, make more time for exercise, visit people more, talk to friends on the telephone, research into subjects I was interested in, focus more on developing myself and my business and one of the best positives was then having the time to start this Clarabelle blog and post on a regular basis.


When I made this decision the people around me…

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4 thoughts on ““No TV….Weirdo”

  1. This is awesome Clarabelle! A lovely picture of your living room too. I have reduced the amount if TV I watch dramatically and it has made a huge difference. It makes me wonder how people who watch lot of it find the time for anything. Kudos to you for making this decision. Lots of love, Lisa

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      1. I believe so. We are all so blessed to receive the wonderful inspiration from your blog. Blessings, Lisa


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