Stormy Love

Stormy love

Stormy Love

I met you before,

in a different land,

we talked for hours,

I held your hand.

We agreed together,

we’d reunite,

in another world,

in a changing light.

I vowed to you,

to never let go,

before the storm.

I would show.

Then we would part,

with the storm at full force,

but only temporarily,

never a divorce.

Then through the storm,

I’d be there waiting,

thinking of you,

love contemplating.

When the storm simmered down,

and you entered again,

I’ll be holding out my arms,

freeing you from pain.

This stormy love,

had no war in our hearts,

but we came out winning,

now the storm it departs.

by Clarabelle

6 thoughts on “Stormy Love

      1. You are very welcome dearest being! : ) Hope you have been keeping well. God bless. Stay awesome, inspiring the world. : ) xoxo


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