Living Life Now

Today’s a brand new day.


You can always make a fresh start moment to moment, by living in the now and using your mindfulness to change your immediate thinking.  It is always important to remember to come from a place of love, because when you let love run freely from your heart, it will always make sure it does its job.  This next poem is inspired by living life now, go on make it happen, because every moment, is a moment to change for the better.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle.

Live Life Now Live Life Now

Living Life Now

Living life now;

Frees you from the how.

Just let go;

Let love in you, flow.

Take a step, achieve;

Really do believe.

That you can have it all;

Aim high, stand up tall.

Let worry, pass you by;

There’s a smile, behind your cry.

The pain will come and go;

This, I want you…

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