Lead Me To Your Heart

It will guide you through your toughest days…..


lead me to your heart

Poetry, poetry, where would we be without Poetry.  🙂  For you:

Lead Me To Your Heart

Lead me to your heart,
For I’ve forgotten the way.
It’s like New York City,
With no people today.
It all seems bizarre,
Confusion in my head.
Running on empty,
No sleep in bed.

It feels a little colder,
And darkness is falling.
I can’t see the stars,
I don’t hear you calling.
I had it in my hands,
I remember its strength.
Now it feels out of reach,
Further than, arms length.

But I come with a gift,
To help you grow.
It’s very special,
To only you, it will glow.
Open the box,
Treat it with care.
There is only one,
There isn’t a spare.

It will guide you through,
Your toughest days.
It’s stronger than the sun,
More clever than the maze.
Give it a wee cuddle,
Now and again.

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