Flying Without Wings

Choices and decisions that lead you to life fulfilment….


One of my favourite inspirational quotes is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi.  I believe when YOU change, the world around you changes, you attract different circumstances, situations, people and things into your life that you would not have before.  As I continue on my own quest to be the best me EVER, I shall begin to share with you stories of real experiences in alignment with that thinking.  What one positive change could you make today that would make a positive difference in your life?     Wishing you a wonderful day full of choices and decisions that lead you to life fulfilment.  Lots of love as always Clarabelle.

Flying Without Wings

Life is good you know, my spirit is alive

Being just myself, like a bumble bee in its hive

Focus is so strong and grows deeper day…

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