Manifesting Dreams

Embracing the now…..manifesting dreams…


Manifesting Dreams

This next poem is inspired by enjoying each moment, embracing the now and manifesting the dreams that you desire. I wrote this poem whilst feeling in the ultimate moment of contentment, tranquility and happiness.  May you manifest each moment to your advantage on this creative journey of life.  Love Clarabelle

Manifesting Dreams

Manifesting Dreams

This moment is calm, a feeling of bliss,

No thoughts of the future, or pasts I have missed.

Just embracing the now, as I quietly think,

A connected soul, heart and spirit, intertwined in link.

This feels precious inside, so touching indeed,

Contentment and tranquility, has taken the lead.

By appreciating this life, and fueling the fire.

I’m manifesting dreams and all I desire.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 4 October 2012

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