Determined Spirit

Never lose faith….


determined spirit - never lose faith

Determined Spirit

There is a determined spirit that lives and breathes in your very being, it doesn’t come out very often, sometimes you struggle to find it, sometimes you don’t even search for it, but it is there, waiting to be unleashed into your mind, heart and soul.

This determined spirit will take you to places you’ve never been to before, it will inspire your motivation like no other, it will take hold of your body and lead you to greatness.

Today, my determined spirit came out of its cave and it shone brighter than the brightest light. This determined spirit is taking me into the unknown, a mystical and magical future where abundance swells in my soul.  This determined spirit, needs no more conversations, no more thinking of what could be, for it just shoots to its destination like a bullet of love.

This determined spirit represents fast change…

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