She was 5

True dreams are like a boomerang, and they will win any fight…


Clarabelle Age 5 Clarabelle  (flower dress) Dancing Age 5

Always Singing

My mum tells me that her memories of me as a child, is that I was always singing, all the time, from morning till night – she said, I wouldn’t stop.  Then I did one day and it took 30 years to come back.  This Clarabelle sound that you hear now, I believe is still the sound of the inner child in me…..a child who believes in the beauty of her dreams. This poem is a mirror part of that story and a true reflection of me, I hope you like it.  Lots of love to you today, Clarabelle

She Was 5

She was 5,
her heart did sing.
Every day,
about everything.

She had friends,
so happy and true.
Little children,
smiling through.

They played games,
had lots of fun.
Carfin was the Village,
under the sun.

Talent shows,
we’d give…

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