Battles of Life

What will be will be……


Today I seem to be in a strong creative flow, fully connected to my inner emotions and life experiences.  It takes me to another place, another dimension brought on from memories of the past and thoughts of what could be.  I feel the words in my heart, they strengthen my self awareness and help me to understand the person I am today.  I continue to try to master the art of letting go. . . .what will be, will be.  This next poem shares some of this for you.

Battles of Life

Goodbye my love, like ships passing in the night

Our paths crossed, the lights were bright

The waves were fun, swept away in emotion

Our hearts danced, under the moonlit ocean

Feelings were high, but so were our fears

Abundance of laughter and moments of tears

The look in your eyes, told me your story

Battles of life

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