The MM Enterprise Award Takes Off

The MM Enterprise Award takes off 

Matthew C. Martino’s highly anticipated enterprise scheme The MM Enterprise Award has took off on the 27th October and the philanthropy venture is already tipped to become Martino’s main focus for the next few years.

The venture in partnership with international charity MMBF Trust offers young people aged 16-25 a hands on chance to run their own business by offering as much support and resources as they need to be operational and to actually start-up.

MME Enterprise Awards

The Matthew Martino Enterprise Award is an enterprise scheme for young people aged 16-25 which encourages and supports them to start their own business. We do so by offering a start-up business grant, mentoring and other start-up resources which allow young people to make the most of their business venture.

Their two key awards are the Future Leader’s Award which is awarded to handful of young people quarterly and the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award which is an annual award providing more opportunities and resources to the winner.

23year old Martino isn’t in a rush to see the venture sky rocket, he told a publication “I’m very excited about MMEA and the young people it will support; I know it will take time for the impact to be felt”

Visit the Website:  The Matthew Martino Enterprise Award

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