Keeping it Real

keeping it real

Imagination is,
dreaming high,
the end game,
my slice of pie.

Desire in me,
empowers my mind,
capturing beauty,
the ultimate find.

A magnetic heart,
frees my passion,
no need to wait,
fullness of fashion.

Do you get me?
I don’t really know,
but no matter the aim,
my hand it will show.

It’s not in the saying,
or the winning of wills,
it’s a motivational feeling,
like singing in the hills.

I’m not here to preach,
or take over your heart,
I just want to share,
a wonderful start.

To keeping it real,
the seeker is true,
decoding the secret,
is my wish for you.

Created by Clarabelle, 6 December 2015

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