On Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve……..Merry Christmas to you…..


You're a Star

Christmas Eve

Woo hoo Day 18 already of sharing a Christmas Poem with you every day until Christmas Day.  Some of us have loved ones who live far away from us, but they make that special trip to visit us at Christmas time.  This next Christmas poem is all about that, about the excitement of loved ones arriving for the festivities on Christmas Eve.  Wishing you a wonderful time with your close family and friends this Christmas.  Love Clarabelle

On Christmas Eve

Love from a distance,
breaks my heart.
When we’re not together,
when we are apart.

But on Christmas Eve,
you’ll arrive with a smile,
So loving and caring,
we’ll hug for a while.

I get excited,
when I think of you.
I feel you here,
do you feel me too?

Usually Santa Claus,
is the star of the show.
But in my eyes,
it’s always you, you know.

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