The New Essex TV Channel

Expectations of the New Essex TV Channel

Essex TV Channel is an upcoming new and innovative IPTV channel in one of the small counties of London named Essex.  Their main aim is to reach out to the audience worldwide while broadcasting their local programs as well.  This channel offers participation of anyone from anywhere in the world to help promote their channel.

Essex TV

An innovative TV, it broadens the minds of people while entertaining them through Sports, Reality TV, Business, Local News and Entertainment content.  One could either contribute to Essex TV by appearing and commenting on various new stories, or by participating in local films or media discussions; or by volunteering by means of researching for stories, helping produce and edit footages or producing graphics for the local programs.

The signature slogan “Bringing Essex Together” implies that the association will be recruiting presenters and searching for online content which will be different from the normal stereotype family and community friendly programs.  However this has not been launched yet as the association hasn’t disclosed their future plans.

Essex TV

The announcement of their future plans and goals have not been specified or known to the public as of now as it is still in process to be launched over the next few months.




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