Are You Stuck in the Mud?

stuck in the mud image

Stuck in the Mud?

Are you stuck in the mud with nowhere to go right now?  Well if you are, and hopefully not literally, this is possibly a good metaphor of how you are feeling or what you are currently experiencing.

What I would say to you is this, think of it this way – be grateful for the challenge, because in every challenge there is the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and be a better you.  You see, you may feel like you have tried many ways, but many ways is not every way and there WILL be a way to break free from the challenge you’re currently facing.  Can you honestly say you’ve tried every way?  I am guessing possibly not because there is always the ways you’ve not yet thought of – yes those invisible ones which aren’t quite clear to you right now.

This is where your creativity and super imagination come into play, this is the time you have to get going and get thinking “out of the box”.  It may also be the time to face up to the reality of what is stopping you from moving forward and I mean what is really stopping you – usually this is fears from within, imaginary fears that hold you back from taking that next step.  Yes, we all have them!!

So I challenge you today to take one small, tiny brave step towards overcoming these fears, believe me, when you do this, you’re whole mindset will start to change.  You see, this is where the momentum starts to build and it will encourage you to keep going, to keep taking courageous steps towards your goal.

Nothing changes until you change and a good start would be seeing yourself out of the mud and flying high amongst the stars, dancing in the midst of your dreams.

Take on the challenge, start with you, start with your thinking, start with some tiny bit of inspired action.

Do it, do it for yourself, do it for your sanity, do it for your dream life, just do it.

It’s your life, go get it.



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