You’ll Do It

you will do it

You’ll Do It

When you need to do it, you’ll do it and I mean you’ll really do it.

You see sometimes there is this little switch that goes off inside of you and sometimes we don’t even really know what specifically has triggered it but get ready for when it goes off.  When you switch the switch you can move mountains, it’s amazing where your resourcefulness can come from.

You see, you are full of the greatest imagination and abundant creativity.  Let this magic within you pour out of your veins and into your world.  You have everything you need right now, you can absolutely be the champion of dreams, yes you can.

I dare you today, I dare you to get ready for the change of your life, you know it’s there, maybe you just got a little lazy, a little complacent, but that’s all in the past now – do it all now.  I believe you’ll do it and guess what, so do you.

It’s your life, go get it!!


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