Don’t Feel Like It?

don't feel like it

Don’t Feel Like It?

Sometimes we all go through those “I don’t feel like it” stages, you know, the “I just can’t be bothered” feeling.  Yes, I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt!! There is a cure for feeling like this and basically all you have do to when you don’t feeling like doing something, is JUST DO IT.  Yes, force yourself past the thought of feeling negatively about the event/situation or whatever it is you don’t feel like doing and yes, I’ll say it again, JUST YOU DO IT.  Doing it is the magical medicine that can turn those feelings around, but you know what, you’ve just got to do it.

So next time you hear yourself saying, “I’m not going, I just don’t feel like it”, push yourself past that feeling and go and do that very thing and that’s your miracle cure right there for feeling instantly better. You won’t know until you get there, but you will definitely be glad that you did it.

It’s your life, go get it!!


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