Bounce Back to Happiness

bounce back to happiness

Bounce Back to Happiness

The book of life brings its fair share of ups and downs – one day you’re flying and the next day you could be sinking.  I want to talk about the latter today because it’s so easy to be happy when you’re flying, when everything is in flow and you’re scoring every goal – that’s amazing. It isn’t so easy when you hit a huge road block and everything going on around you seems to be getting in the way of progress.  Progress is a great feeling, it’s motivating, encouraging and uplifting but that “stuck” feeling can be a complete nightmare for you. So how do you bounce back to happiness when your heart is heavy, your mind is fuzzy and your body feels drained?  Well, you have to come up with your own strategies to deal with each one differently, let me explain.

  • Think about what will help you lighten the load of a heavy heart and channel your energy into something more encouraging for you.  Yes, it’s time to stop wallowing on what hurt you and time to visualise bright positive images that will help you move past the pain.
  • Adopt some strategies that will help you gain clarity and clear that fuzzy mind, where does your new focus need to be?  You won’t find any answers in a dusty brain, take yourself out of the situation, give yourself a little shine then revisit your next move – what will this be for you?
  • Feed your body with goodness and put into practice daily habits and rituals that will renew your energy, uplift your spirits and make you feel radiant again. Only you can help yourself here.

In the process of applying the above strategies you might feel like giving up, you might feel like saying “stuff this, I’ve had enough” but the only way you will make a full recovery and bounce back is to do things that will help yourself and I mean for the long term. Quick fixes will not help you build true resilience, so chip away at your bad habits and replace them with “stay strong” rituals.

Take true ownership and responsibility of where you’re at and make a decision today to face that road block and bounce back to happiness.

You can do it, you can.

It’s your life, go get it!!



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