Calling All Dreamers

I believe, your greatest potential, hasn’t even scraped the surface, of what is possible for you.

Do you think you know what it’s all about, this life of yours?  What if you didn’t dream? What if you just lived your life on automatic pilot and never wished for anything better; never wanted to reach your potential; never wanted to be happier, or to receive more love in your life? What if, all you have right now, is exactly all it ever will be, period?

You’ve Arrived

That’s it, you’ve laid down your cards; you’ve taken life to as far as you could get it; and you’re here – you’ve arrived! – Does that thought suck or does that thought elate you?

A Dreamer and a Doer

Well, if you’re a dreamer like me – a dreamer and a doer like me, that thought probably doesn’t even come into your mind of existence.  I believe, your greatest potential, hasn’t even scraped the surface, of what is possible for you.  The dreamers mind is infinite and full of abundant creativity, waiting to be energised.

Glimmer of Hope

Everything starts with a dream, an idea, a glimmer of hope –  nothing could exist otherwise.  To achieve the greatest self, it takes the dreamer from one imaginary world into another – if they want to turn that dream into reality. You see, dreamers are inspired by the beauty and excitement of what could be.  So what could be?

Calling all dreamers…..YOU could take that dream, idea, magic of creativity and let it burst with energy inside of you, so much so, that it expands into a magnitude of inspired action, that will catapult your dream into this current reality. The pure magic of this though, is it can only come from the ultimate power within you. Yes, that’s right, only you have the key to release your uniqueness into the now.  So dream the dream but make this dream so highly compelling that it pulls you forth and turns into its own super creation.

There you have it – the power is within you. Grow that seed, give it your energy and watch with pure excitement, it manifesting before you.

Thank you for being here.

It’s your life, go get it!!

Article originally posted 23 March 2016
Updated and reposted 12 August 2022, London, UK

Love from Clarabelle
With Love from Clarabelle

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