Poetry Corner #9

Giving you a sign

Good day to you. Every Thursday is Poetry Corner. Enjoy the poem below from the Clarablle Collection of Original Poems.

Lucky White Feather

I see it floating,
passing me by,
falling so softly,
down from the sky.

They say it is lucky,
a gift from above,
a symbol of connection,
filled with true love.

I follow it quietly,
drifting in time,
freely dancing,
simply sublime.

This lucky white feather,
represents life,
truth and tranquility,
no trouble or strife.

So next time you see one,
believe its for you,
giving you a sign,
that you'll make it through.

By Clarabelle, London, UK
Created on 20 September 2022
Posted to Blog on 29 September 2022

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