your heart will always shine bright

Welcome to Poetry Corner Thursday. Today’s Poem was written back in 2013 – I’ve been writing poems since a child. I originally entitled it “You Are Gold” but recently changed the title to “The Path of Life” as I feel it’s more fitting.

The Path of Life is full of wonder, amazement, good times, not so good times and everything else in between. May these poetic words below resonate with your heart and uplift your spirits to new heights.

This one is for YOU.

The Path of Life

In every challenge,
there’s potential in you,
in every thought,
in all that you do.

Believe the hype,
believe it’s true,
you are special,
loved through and through.

A broken heart,
drowning at sea,
mind swirling around,
set yourself free.

As the high winds howl,
like a wolf in the night,
look for the stars,
as your guiding light.

When at the bottom,
the only way is up,
as shattered dreams,
feel heavy in your cup.

But one year on,
you’ll look back on this day,
success was in the failure,
because you found your way.

The path of life,
never goes straight,
one day lost in the maze,
another finding the gate.

The way out is clear,
you can’t see it with your eyes,
it’s from deep within your heart,
its whispers are wise.

The people on your road,
are here for a reason,
some for a lifetime,
some just for a season.

But remember this,
you are gold,
a precious stone,
no one can mould.

So when darkness falls,
and you have no light,
remember your heart,
will always shine bright.

Like an angel in the wind,
floating by your side,
she appears in many people,
being your silent guide.

Originally created by Clarabelle and posted on 5 December 2013

Reposted to Clarabelle Blog on 13 October 2022

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