Sister Dear Sister

Poem, Sister Dear Sister

Often we go through life and we forget how influential our closest family members have been in our life.  This poem is a heartfelt sentiment to my wonderful and beautiful younger sister,who through the highs and lows of my life has always been there for me.  Thank you Leanne, you are so very special to me, more than you’ll ever know.

Sister Dear Sister

When we were young sis, we always used to fight

Early in the morning and mostly every night

I didn’t really appreciate back then, the special person in you

I now recognise that failing, so evident and true

But as we got older, I changed my poor sisterly ways

You became a best friend and we went on holidays

I love you my dear sister, you are so special to me

More than you’ll ever know, more than I let you see

I always feel so happy, when you are around

You cheer up the room, lots of laughter is your sound

And always when I need you, to my door you come a knocking

There with open arms and then we do some talking

You laugh at your own jokes and I find that very funny

Your spirit is so alive and your attitude is always sunny

Sister dear sister, you’ve made my life so great

I couldn’t ask for a better sister, 10 out of 10 you rate

 poemsbyclarabelle, 25 February 2012

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