Out of the Shade

Poem, Out of the Shade

I wrote this poem only yesterday, it is about a recent time in my life when I was unwell and felt trapped in the situation.  Thankfully the sun is shining on me now but I remember those stormy days where I had to use every ounce of my inner strength to keep me sane and battle on…..it is in these difficult times in life when the courageous soul emerges with open arms, you just have to believe it is there.  

Out of the Shade

Through the darkest moments and darkest days – where is the light?

When my mind feels trapped and I cannot sleep, into the night

What a horrible feeling, when times are tough

The way out is lonely, the weather is rough

My soul is a prisoner, to all I have thought

My heart it feels dead but it cannot be bought

My values are here – an inner guidance they bring

Like the first musical note, before I do sing

They keep me sane and hold me together

They carry me forward, like I’m light as a feather

As I trudge through the snow, I call out my name

Keep going, don’t stop, treat life as a game

The character within me, fights through the shell

I punch and I kick, until I feel well

In this battle, although the bruises give me pain

No blood has been shed and inner strength I did gain

And as time passes by, the emotional scars they do fade

I walk into the sunlight and out of the shade

poemsbyclarabelle, 20 April 2012

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