The Morning Moon

Poem, The Morning Moon

When I wrote this poem I was thinking about my early morning, 6am runs.  I started running just over 4 years ago and since then I have completed both the New York and London Marathons, raising lots of money for local charities. This poem describes my inner thoughts, whilst running one morning – as I looked up to the morning moon I also searched for the first glimpse of the morning sun.  This poem is all about appreciating the things in life that money cannot buy, such as admiring the beautiful early morning sky and the pleasures it brought to my spirit by being embraced in the moment and feeling at one with myself.  I hope you find solace in the poetic verse that follows.

The Morning Moon

The morning moon, is so rare to see

It shines a light, of path for me

The moon’s in my mind, I’m thinking alot

My shadow is beside me, deep in thought

This moment is special, I feel at one

The universe is signalling, as each step I run

I search for the sun, when will you smile?

The sky looks so lonely, don’t take a while

Small pleasures of life, that glisten like stars

I’m lost in this beauty, no people or cars

Just oneness and me, as I gaze up to the sky

Just being myself, without asking why

The trip is over, for me and the moon

Embraced in this vision, I’ll see you soon

poemsbyclarabelle, 16 March 2012

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14 thoughts on “The Morning Moon

    1. Thank you so much Kevin from Hampshire, your wonderful comments have put a beautiful smile on my face. I look forward to reading all that you write on your blog. Clarabelle


      1. where are you from and hows the running going i once pounded the streets of london myself in the east london half marathon many years ago is that your town or did you just visit Clarabelle making others smile is what life is all about. glad your smiling.hope you enjoy i shall read your blog again soon.


      2. Hi Kevin, thanks for your comments and for reading the poem. I am from Bonny Scotland, well done to you on completing the East London Half Marathon. Keep smiling. Clarabelle


      3. Haha yes Kevin, delighted to be connected with you and thank you once again for all your wonderful comments. Never been to Portsmouth but I shall visit it one day for sure. Clarabelle


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