My Wonderful Dad

Poem, My Wonderful Dad

I initially had second thoughts about posting this poem, simply because it is extremely personal to me and tells the true story of my Dad’s fight with cancer over 15 years ago. Sadly, after battling with this disease for 5 years, he passed away on 1 February 1997. The reason why I decided to share this poem is because although it was in some places, painful to write, I do feel other people who have gone through a similar situation with their family members will be able to relate to it and hopefully help them to come to terms with their sad loss and be able to gently move on.  I know everyone deals with grief differently and I think it took me about 5 years for the sadness to truly melt away.  Now when I think of my Dad, I think of the wonderful, happy and outgoing person he was, this then makes me smile and so proud to be his daughter and part of his life…..his loving spirit lives on in every heart he touched and I know he touched many.

My Wonderful Dad

It was 15 years ago, when you passed away

I must admit, it was my saddest day

My heart felt heavy, from deep inside

I had lost my Dad, I had lost my guide

The tears were painful, unbearable at times

Red bloodshot eyes, were swollen signs

When all alone, I cried out my heart

The deepest sadness, when you did depart

I held your hand, a few days before

And took a last glance back, before I left the ward door

Something told me to look back, when visiting that night

It was 24 hours later, you gave up the fight

I was out with a friend, but didn’t want to go

You told me to ‘live on’ and for the sadness not to show

I came home that night, there was a cold chill in the air

I instantly knew, why no one was there

They were called to the hospital, late that night

You were taking your last breathe, and approaching the light

Everyone was there, except for me

Because I went out, very selfishly

I lived with that hurt, for a few years

Why wasn’t I with you, I cried so many tears

I think it took about 5 years to move on

It was a painful few years, when your presence was gone

But now when I think of my wonderful Dad

I remember the good times, never the sad

I celebrate your life years, there were 58

I was part of 23 and you made them great

You never lived a perfect life, worry got to you

It’s easy to blame, but we didn’t live in your shoes

I think of your singing, I think of your smile

I think of that waistcoat, you wore for a while

You were fond of the mirror, a poser you were

Talking to yourself, as you played with your hair

When you left for work, I missed you right away

When you arrived home, it made my day

You were always positive and friendly to all

You liked to use humour, to break down the brick walls

A charmer you were, fun and caring

A Dad in a million and a little bit daring

You sang at most weddings, with a few whiskys inside

You jigged on the dance floor and flirted with the bride

You loved a laugh and would welcome a crowd

You loved your family, they made you feel so proud

In this physical world, your body is away

In another dimension, your spirit lives on each day

Maybe I can’t see you, but you can see me

You can feel my spirit and its frequency

So I’m sending you this message after 15 years

Life is good Dad, we have no more tears

You are still greatly missed and always will be

You have an extended family, it’s so beautiful to see

As the years go by and the older we get

We must live in each moment, but never will forget

The loved ones of the past, who are present in our mind

Who live in our hearts and are one of a kind

We love you, we miss you and to hold you once more

Would be a dream come true, if you walked through that door

The tears of the past, are now gone forever

They ran down my cheek and joined the river

And as the river flows, my heart does to

It is joined by my soul and reaches out to you

Because on the crest of the wave, there you stand

Holding out your heart and holding out your hand

Thank you Dad, for in me you live

Thank you for the lessons and to others I now give

Live your best life, every moment of every day

Connect with your inner self and listen to what it says

Enjoy the journey, as you sail down the river

Because there are hearts and many hands helping you forever.

poemsbyclarabelle, 6 January 2012

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6 thoughts on “My Wonderful Dad

  1. Your words are very beautiful
    your dad woud be proud to read

    this lovely poem in his memory
    you are special indeed

    you are special person
    and his lovely daughter too

    he will always be with you
    watching over you

    he was your guiding light
    your shoulder to lean on
    when you needed him most

    he is very special man
    and your poetry remembers him most

    in beautiful words you have written
    in your own special way
    he will always love you
    and his memory will
    brighten your day

    from a fellow blogger who understand s
    and appreciates your words you have written hear
    may lots of happiness come to you in life
    and may you have a lovely day

    this poem was so beautiful
    i had to respond today

    and share my appreciation
    of very gifted lady

    who wrote this poem
    in her own special way

    take care dear friend and have a lovely day


    1. Thank you Dear Kevin, for all that you write
      Your poetic response, has made me smile tonight
      I love your blog, keeping doing what you do
      Your powerful words, are changing lives too
      Clarabelle 🙂


      1. Hello Clarabelle your to kind that is my old blog my new blog has all my latest poems but your words are most appreciated glad you enjoyed the poems myheartsingspoetry is the other blog feel free to browse hope you enjoy them aswell..


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