The Best is yet to Come

Throughout our journey of life, the book holds many lessons but sometimes we get stuck in a chapter and fear the creation of a brand new page.  It is in this blank canvas that our dreams can be nurtured into reality.  By embracing change and stretching ourselves outside our comfort zones, we hold the key to an exciting new world.  This next poem is all about ‘letting go’ and feeling free enough to turn the page of life.    

Goodbye to my past, I’m letting go of you

Now I focus on the present, this beauty is shining through

I’ve closed the door to your love and finally have moved on

Too many sleepless nights, and worry from dusk til dawn

I didn’t need another, to help me close the book

I know the early chapters, were always worth a look

But the best is yet to come, the rainbow is on its way

It paints a bright picture, of the excited thoughts I hold today

Each step forward, I dance between the puddles

Like an umbrella of magic, embraced with joyful cuddles

Some will join the journey, others will choose to stay

But I will not forget you, in my heart for you I pray

Life can turn around fast, but only if that’s your choice

I say yes to change, by listening to my inner voice

poemsbyclarabelle, 9 May 2012

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3 thoughts on “The Best is yet to Come

  1. the best is yet to come
    as i see today your heart has moved on
    through your poetry

    what has been has gone far faraway
    into distance suns of yesterday

    with memories make you wise
    as you leap and breath life into day

    your heart speaks in a beautiful way
    the magical expressions of emotions in you

    feel there way forward into a bright new day
    with the wisdom of life

    through rhyme and verses of poetry

    the best has arrived its here today

    so beautifully written expressed today


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