My Heart is Dancing

One of the things in life that motivates my spirit, is when I hear uplifting, heartfelt, soul touching music, it makes such a special connection within.  The strange thing is, I forgot about this for a while, I didn’t listen to the sounds that made me come alive……I have now discovered that again and every morning it is now part of my early wake up call.  This next poem is for you – have a magical musical day.

Music warms my soul

Making me feel so whole

Igniting my spirit, all the time

Notes of passion, rhythm and rhyme

My heart is dancing, when I hear the beat

Twisting and turning, as I move my feet

Excited feelings, what a ride

Fingers tapping, happiness I can’t hide

Awaken your senses, to high from low

Turn the sound up, just let go

poemsbyclarabelle, 10 May 2012

7 thoughts on “My Heart is Dancing

  1. my heart is dancing to the music so sweet
    my heart is singing a beautiful beat
    twisting turning with a beautiful rhyme
    my heart sings as my soul shines
    with beautiful music beat rhymes
    in tune with feet tapping fingers tapping in time
    the music of heart warms this soul of mine


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