Where Is My Life Going?

I have been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately, and yesterday whilst clearing out my bedroom cupboards, I came across some poetry and songs that I had written many years ago.  I will share these poems/songs with you on this blog.  The poem below was written in 1996, at a time in my life when I was very unhappy in my job.  I remember, I used to take ‘time-out’ during my job tasks and drift off to another world, I would secretly write poems and songs about my life and what could be.  I distinctively remember how unhappy I was at that time, being in an unfulfilled job, but I am delighted to still see my positivity shining through in my poetry.  I guess even back then, I always believed in myself and that the current situation at that time in my life was only temporary and that I could do something to change that….and I did!!  I think by asking myself, at the time, the question “Where is my life going”, helped me to search for the answers from within.  Listen to the sound of your heart, your calling is calling you.  Love Clarabelle

Where is my life going?

Where is my life going? I ask myself,

Am I on a path full of fortune, with everlasting health?

I don’t really think so, as I trek up this hill,

For at this moment now, my fortune is nil.

But no, it is wrong, to think that sheer money,

Can change this life, from cloudy to sunny.

If I keep travelling, on this path forever,

Would it be clever?

Who could tell me, if it were wrong?

As me and my shadow, go walking along.

And when I arrive, at the crossroads ahead,

Should I go left, or maybe right instead?

I have decided, that no one but me,

Can choose my direction, in life to see.

The path may be long, and winding one day,

But on another, my feet shall dance the way.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created in 1996


9 thoughts on “Where Is My Life Going?

  1. A great poem for someone who is at a crossroad in their own life and indeed, as the comment above, only that person (in my case me) can decide. The poem sends that message home. Thanks 🙂


    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I am so glad I came across this poem last night, it might have been created by me in 1996 but so relevant for some people in their lives right now. Thank you so much for your comments I really do appreciate it. 🙂


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