Where Is My Life Going?

Where is YOUR life going?…..


I have been doing a lot of de-cluttering lately, and yesterday whilst clearing out my bedroom cupboards, I came across some poetry and songs that I had written many years ago.  I will share these poems/songs with you on this blog.  The poem below was written in 1996, at a time in my life when I was very unhappy in my job.  I remember, I used to take ‘time-out’ during my job tasks and drift off to another world, I would secretly write poems and songs about my life and what could be.  I distinctively remember how unhappy I was at that time, being in an unfulfilled job, but I am delighted to still see my positivity shining through in my poetry.  I guess even back then, I always believed in myself and that the current situation at that time in my life was only temporary and that I could…

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