Bubblegum Ambitions

I was listening to a YouTube video by Wayne Dyer the other day and it inspired me to write this next poem, ‘Bubblegum Ambitions’.  This poem is about living outside of your ego and being proud of who you really are, because you are the greatest you. Have an inspired day.  Lots of love Clarabelle

you are who you are

Bubblegum Ambitions

You are not what you have, or even what you do,

You are what you are, be grateful for you.

To compare your life, to another one,

To agressively compete, under the sun.

Will take your ego, into the sky,

Bubblegum ambitions, no tears you will cry.


But then one day, there will come a time,

You want to change, from what’s mine is mine.

You crumble to the floor, and what once was real,

Is starting to flake, and numbness you feel.

There is always a way, to shine at night,

Glowing and flowing, it’s a natural flight.


Silent is the heart, it speaks to you here,

Vibrations of energy, simmer the fear.

Truth is where it’s at, go to the ocean,

The waves clear your thoughts, love is in motion.

Now you are hollow, now you are free,

Knowing what you live for, let your life be.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 26 August 2012

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