Thank You

Thank you

started this ‘Poems by Clarabelle’ blog in April this year.  I am not even sure I remember where the ‘trigger’ to start this blog came from (possibly an inner calling) but I am so delighted that I did.  No words can describe how wonderful it feels to express my creativity in an inspirational way, all I want to do is ‘make a positive difference’ in the lives of others and from the feedback of blog followers, I know I have achieved that and touched hearts along the way……WOW!!  So now, today, I would like to give a little back to celebrate my 100th blog follower – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.  For the next 48 hours, as a special thank you for your support, I am giving away a ‘free’ e-copy of my Ebook, entitled ‘Inspirational Quotes & Poems’, please head over to my ‘Author’ page on this blog to find out more about it.  To request your free copy, please email me at and your copy will be on its way to you.  This free offer is only available for the next 48 hours and I really look forward to continue sharing the inspiration with you, we are on this life journey together.  Lots and lots of love Clarabelle.    

Comments make me happy....Thank You!!

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