Snowing Petals

I often talk about enjoying the present moment and appreciating the beauty of life. Today I want to share with you about the wonderful magical scene outside my window. Today is a cherry blossom tree miracle because it is snowing petals.  Look for the miracles in your day, they are certainly there. 


I smile, as I see them falling

It’s snowing petals, such a beautiful calling

Like soft pink feathers, dropping from the sky

Floating in the breeze, from the tree so high

A spiritual moment, a miracle view

I gaze out the window, beneath the sky so blue

A pink speckled garden, nourished with fruits

Lovingly nurtured and cared from the roots

A sweet moment in time, that deserves true space

To captivate this beauty, with full embrace

The world gives us treasures ,everyday

But sometimes we don’t see them, in this way

Our lives get too busy and we miss the summer snow

Take a deep breath for a moment, let routine go

Savour the pleasure, in mother-nature’s hands

As the sun sets over, on warm desert lands

poemsbyclarabelle, 4 May 2012

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9 thoughts on “Snowing Petals

  1. Ah – this is lovely! My favourite thing, cherry blossom snow!! 😀
    I had a wonderful experience ten years ago of the wind blowing on a row of cherry blossom trees, filling an entire street in the city where I live with pink petals! It was a very sad time for me at the time as my mother was dying. I know it was just blossom on a tree, and the wind moving them around, but it kind of did something for me in that cold moment of my life. It’s something I’ll never forget, and also something I’ve never seen before or since, and your poem was a very lovely reminder of that stunning moment, thank you! 😀


    1. Thank you Suzy, I love this poem too, it’s one of my favourites. I sooooooooooooo love the beauty of cherry blossom trees. I liked your story, although a little sad, I feel there is a loving message in there too. Thank you. Clara 🙂


  2. God’s creation is indeed beautiful , everything He made is very good, yes the beauty of the Cherry Blossom Tree once again shows this to be True. Your words speak of a contentment and appreciation in the beauty you see, thank you for sharing your poetry and thoughts with us Clarabelle.

    Blessings – Anne


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