The Path to Paradise

Self discovery for me is in the search for paradise.  What do I mean by that?  So there is this place that my mind goes to every 20 years or so, I picture it quite clearly and I call it ‘paradise’.  I used to think paradise for me was a place but now I realise it is a metaphor I use to create a special feeling inside of me, the most beautiful feeling in the world, that no words can describe.  What does paradise give me?  It takes me to who I am today, right now and it helps me answer the most challenging questions- only by connecting to my inner self can I get the true answer for me.  This is a hard one for me to explain but I know it works.  I trust you will discover your own paradise one day, maybe you are already there and if you are, I know you are smiling now because you have found your soul in solitude. This next poem is inspired by paradise.  Love Clarabelle

the path to paradise

The Path to Paradise

I visualise paradise, alone I am there,

Pale blue skies, the freshest of sea air.

The whitest sands, you ever could see,

Stillness in life, happiness in me.

Oneness with the world, beauty at its best,

Breathing in life’s energy, my body is at rest.

The path to paradise, is the ultimate start,

Escapism from earth, bliss within the heart.

Turn on your imagination, experience it all,

Enlighten your spirit, let your soul fall.

poemsbyclarabelle, Created on 26 August 2012

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